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Our pieces are tested and used daily to make sure that the quality is perfect for everyday wear. However, we highly recommend that you follow our Trinkets Care Guide to keep them at its best over time.

Gold Plated Jewelry

1. Gold-plated and gold filled jewelry are prone to oxidation so we recommend you to avoid exposure to chemicals/liquids such as perfume, salt water and alcohol.

2. Keep away from direct heat and sunlight.

3. Each order comes with a Trinkets Polishing Cloth, gently rub your gold plated jewelry with it to remove stains and restore its shine.

4. You may also use our Trinkets Spritz to clean your pieces and maintain their luster and quality.

5.  If jewelry is exposed to salt water or chemicals, wash with fresh water and thoroughly dry after use. But we highly recommend removing them before you swim, shower or apply perfume even if they're water friendly.

6. Best to use your Trinkets daily to prevent them from oxidizing. If not in use, make sure to keep them dry and individually keep your pieces in your Trinket pouch or ziplock.


Fine Jewelry


1. Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals/liquids to maintain your jewelry's luster and color. It is natural for solid gold pieces' plating to fade overtime.

2. Soak your jewelry in lukewarm water, use mild soap and soft bristled brush to remove dirt from your pieces. Then dry jewelry using a soft cloth or our Trinkets Polishing Cloth.

3. You may also soak your jewelry in our Trinkets Spritz, wait for 5 minutes so that the solution will get rid of the dirt from every part, then wipe to dry with a soft cloth or Trinkets Cloth.

4. Individually keep your pieces in your Trinket Pouch. 


Our jewelry are all hypoallergenic but made of different materials — stainless steel, gold plated copper, 925 sterling silver and we custom real jewelry for solid gold. Trinkets will not tarnish or fade with right care and storage, see information below for further details of each material.

Stainless Steel will not tarnish easily but when exposed to chemicals or salt water, rinse with fresh water after use.
Gold Plated Copper is water friendly and will not tarnish for years with right care.
Golf filled is gold plated too but the amount of gold is relatively thicker, it is splash proof, high quality and will last for years with right care. 
Solid Gold is a lifetime sparkle and investment! Jewelry care is still advisable to prevent your piece from scratches.


Kindly take note that gold plated items are fashion accessories only, they are not solid gold unless it's from our Fine Jewelry collection or customized in solid gold. Gold plated accessories will eventually fade over time depending on how you take care of them. Please see our Care Guide above to learn more on how you can take care of them.